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Thank You…to You, the Reader!

Thank You…to You, the Reader!

The easiest articles for me to write are the ones I’m most passionate about, like this one!

Some articles are difficult because I try to distill a lot of information into a short column. I don’t like reading long articles unless the author has something amazing to say and he or she has hooked me big time.

That rarely happens.

I mean, I enjoy reading a lot of different types of writing, but I’m like you…I don’t have all the time in the world to read stuff.

Hence, I attempt to keep these posts under 1K words, less is better.


Sometimes I droll on and yet you hang in there and read anyway.

Thank you.

I’ve tried different styles, tinkered around with concepts and ideas, and have toyed with the latest theme of reinvention, and you hang in there every week with me.

Thank you.

I’ll be honest, there’s not a lot of traffic numbers here compared to blogs like Seth Godin, James Altucher, or Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits, but you take precious time out of your day to visit here and read the latest.

Thank you.

I refuse to make this a site of commerce: no ads or banners here.

There aren’t any annoying popup windows to signup for anything. I can’t stand those popups. I usually bounce the second I have one grab my screen when I’m on a site.

And…I refuse to have those annoying pieces of code on this site. If you want to sign up for stuff, you’ll have to dig around in the menu to find it.

It’s because I’m grateful for all of you.

You take the time to read these articles I fling out every Friday.

Some of you even take the time to post a comment or send me an email. I appreciate that.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support just by being here.

I pray that my work stirs hope and creates ideas that you can apply to everyday living.

I hope my work adds value and enriches your life.

Thank you for being you, just for who you are, and being here with me.

~ Love

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Offense…all the Time?!

Offense…all the Time?!

I grew up playing soccer at a time when most people had no idea what that was.

I’d get asked, “Chrissy (yes, that’s what adults used to call me), do you play football?”

So at the ripe age of 6, I would blush because I knew the look I’d get in about the time it would take me to answer their question.

“Um…no…I, um, play soccer?” Somehow my answers always came out like a question when I was put on the spot.


Well, I’d have to explain what soccer was to every adult. The Super Bowl was still a novelty then so no one had any interest in the game of soccer.

But, that’s what I played and my job on the field was that of a Forward: the dude that would get the ball into enemy territory and drive to the goal and score. Well, that’s what I was supposed to do.

I was okay and scored a lot of goals. Seemed to be second nature as I got older. That was pretty cool and it felt good…of course, it always feels good when you get better at what you do.

The thing is, I loved playing offense.

You’re the point end of the spear, the cutting edge; THAT person that is THE go-to dude to gets things done.


Benjamin Franklin said, “Some die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.”

Hm…I hope I’m not one of those people. I want to keep growing, you know, on the offense of life’s playing field…

As in, taking the ball every chance I get and shoving it down the enemy’s throat. BAM! I score again and fling my arms in the air, run around the field in crazed excitement while the crowd chants my name (not Chrissy, of course).

Hell, I’ll even strip my T-shirt off and fling it into the crowd…why not!?

Yeah, why not?!

We’re told we have to excel. We have to change every day, every second, every minute of every freaking day…excel here, excel there, excel everywhere.

WE HAVE TO BE ON OFFENSE all the time, else we’re going backward.

We’re beat over the head everywhere you turn on the internet. Everywhere!

Bloggers quote Ben, like I did above, then tell you you’re not good enough and unless you follow The 10 bullet points in some article of self-improvement, you’ll never fulfill your dreams.


Honestly, I don’t have that much strength, nor the energy.


My dad used to yell at me from the sideline during games…

“Move up,” he’d scream. “Get in there,” he’d bellow.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not bashing my dad. Like every dad on the planet is proud of his kid that scores in life. But dang, I was that kid that got distracted.

By butterflies. By the grass that felt squishy under my sneakers (no, we didn’t know what cleats were then). By the shapes in the clouds. By thoughts of riding my bicycle. By thoughts of building plane models after riding my bike.


Dog-gone if that stupid ball didn’t sail over my head while daydreaming about just simply living life and not worried about offense, excellence, or greatness.

Then, not only would dad yell at me for not paying attention, but the whole team, every parent on the sidelines, and of course the coach.


Shoot, things haven’t changed much in all these years.


For those who are always on the front lines, playing offense, trying to get better every day…I wonder…what would it be like if you decided to do nothing, absolutely nothing for awhile.

Yes, unplug! Get off the field of play. Stop worrying about advancing the ball.

What if you and I actually gave our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls some downtime?

Do nothing! Read a favorite book for fun with no agenda in trying to improve self, or learn a new life hack.

What if you and I just spent time watching the stars?

What if you and I just disengaged ourselves from this fast-paced, express lane, internet lifestyle to sit quietly in nature and watch the sunset and listen to the wind in the trees and hear the birds singing an evening lullaby?

To hush our thoughts from screaming responsibilities of tomorrow, or the failures of our past.

To just chill, relax, allow our hearts to be still and our souls to catch up to where we’re at.


I think the hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn was not to train harder or to be more disciplined…

…but to allow life to come to me and cherish the now; this moment without it being cluttered by the guilts of the past or the fears of the future.

To love myself.

To be more patient and understanding…with myself.

To slow up, appreciate, and share love with someone special and those friends that share common interests that truly care about me.

To let myself get sleep. Rest.

To say, “You know…what’s more important? Getting the ironman award at the end of the year for not missing one day of work, or taking a few days off and spending it doing something fun with someone I appreciate.”

It’s easy to get bogged down with life; with the self-help pundits of the day yelling from the sidelines for not being perfect, and the weight of watching the ball sail overhead at times…

Yet, imagine how much better the quality of our life would be if we just give ourselves permission to goof off once in a while.

Just saying.

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