Month: June 2018

The Times When Time says, <em>“Surprise!”</em>

The Times When Time says, “Surprise!”

It’s something we don’t think much about until the end.

The last grain of sand that sifts through the squeezed neck in the hourglass and the round in the game is over.

One moment, you look at the hourglass, its full; soothingly and methodically dropping a small granule to the bottom to form a symmetrical pyramid of sand.

Then, another glance, anxiety surges as the last few specks seemingly jostle for position to drop last.

Time…a fleeting commodity that once has passed will never be again.

Yet, we still take it for granted.

Here are a few items that take us all by surprise once time drops the last speck of sand:

  1. Burnt Dinner — yep, usually happens when we take that call, respond to that text, or watch the “must see” part of that show/movie on TV…while making dinner.
  2. Good Dinner with Good Friends having Good Conversation — it’s always a good time.
  3. End of a Good Movie — bad movies Never seem to end soon enough.
  4. Any Fun Time — this goes along with number 2 & 3. When you’re having fun, time…
  5. Dusk — the end of the day always comes too quick.
  6. Sunrise — AKA, the alarm clock. It arrives way too early.
  7. The Arrival of Winter — That first flake of the season and (at least where it snows) everyone is caught off guard and discovers that: 1 – we need new wiper blades, 2 – we need new tires, 3 – “I’m not ready for this!”, and 4 – “It was just summer!”
  8. A New Wrinkle, Gray Hair, or an Age Spot — “Where’d that come from?” is usually the response in our surprise.
  9. Health — For some reason, we don’t seem to appreciate this until it’s gone. Hm!
  10. Death — I suppose this goes without saying, but it always comes as a shock, even when we know someone who’s battling a terminal sickness.

Time has a way of lulling our senses into a numbness, complacency, and a carelessness with how we spend our time.

Our routines can become so ingrained that we take living for granted: we take our health, our jobs, our love, our life for granted until the last piece of sand drops onto the neat pile below.

The phrase, Take it for granted, has even found a spot in the dictionary. It means to never think about something because we assume that it will remain the same, and thus we treat it in a careless or indifferent manner.

Our lives can be so much more fulfilling and rewarding when we are mindful of our present moment.

Being grateful of right now, no matter what the situation is, and to turn our attention from our past—failures, sins, or whatever else it is that keeps us under an umbrella of regret and condemnation. And, to return our attention from tomorrow’s supposed problems and difficult conversations—all of which has NOT happened and probably WON’T happen.

By being aware of our time right now, we will be more selective as to whom we spend our time with, what work we give ourselves to, and the situations we allow into our lives.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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