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As Long as There is Breath, There is Hope

Recently, I went through a time of discouragement.

Ever notice that when times of discouragement happen, it’s not just one thing that causes it?

It’s always a combination of things.

Stress on all levels, in every area, and in each compartment of life…all at the same time.

Then, as you get older, you think back on the stupid mistakes, horrible decisions, and the failures in life.

Don’t get me wrong, when you’re young, you can beat yourself up pretty bad too.

But as you get older, there are more miles to look at in the rearview, which in times of discouragement, it seems much easier to point out all the collisions and debris fields in the rearview mirror than it is to point out the smooth roads traveled and great views experienced in life.

Maybe because it’s programmed into us.

You know…to look out for the dangers lurking behind us. The lizard brain telling us to be mindful of the lion sleeking through the grass that’s going to devour the slower ones of our tribe, and what if I’m not fast enough!?

Problem is, we don’t typically get eaten by lions anymore.

And sometimes, it’s damn hard to keep a positive view on things ahead because, well for me, I can get so crushed in the moment by the past.

You know…things I could’ve done, should’ve done, or said. Or, the things I should NOT have done or said.

Ugh. Life can be so freaking complicated at times.


I’m glad that at this point in my life, I’ve developed a strategy that helps in times like this.

In 2012, a lot started to change, and I began to answer to those changes instead of sitting back passively while life pulled and pushed me around.

— I began to write in a journal. This helped me sort through the crap in life and see what was important and how I wanted to live versus the way life, and others, were telling me how to live.

 I began to pray and meditate more on a daily basis and sometimes more than once a day. This gave me an ability to take my stress down a couple of notches and helped me get out of the mode of worrying about tomorrow because of my sins of the past and refocus on the present.

 I began to treat myself better. I began to exercise properly and start down the road of learning how to sleep better. The lack of sleep was killing me in every area: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

 I found that practicing being grateful every day—I’m grateful for 10 different things every single day—began to change my thinking from being an Eeyore pessimist to believing that life is worth living.

Yet, even with all that under my belt now, I still feel discouragement at times.

My expectations meet up with reality. It’s like a head-on collision. My thinking of where I should be in the roadmap of life, and the time I should arrive, never seems to match up with real life…UGH!


So, there I am, going about feeling sorry for myself one afternoon and it was like I hit a brick wall while walking through the house.

An impression left on my soul and heart at that moment made me stop. I stopped to feel the impression throughout its vibration in my being. Listening for that still small voice.


“As long as there is breath, there is hope,” God whispered.


A slight grin brushed across my lips, and I slowly nodded my head while I breathed in reply, “Yeah…as long as there is breath, there is hope.”

Hope to change.

Hope that all will be okay.

Hope that difficult, discouraging times will pass and when it does, I’ll be a better person for it and have learned something new along the way.


May this little story help. May it inspire. May it give hope.

Thanks for reading.

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Posted by Christian Martin Jr.


Thanks again for another great read. The timing is coincidentally perfect! 😃. As always the story always helps….inspires and gives hope. I don’t know what kinda feedback you get; but I hope you keep writing these little bits of wisdom and having the courage to share. I really enjoy them. I often find myself printing them and tucking them away. I go back and re read them from time to time.

Christian Martin Jr.

Thank you for the encouraging words!