Discovering Your Passion, Your Purpose, Your…Whatever. Patience! It Takes Time.

Discovering Your Passion, Your Purpose, Your…Whatever. Patience! It Takes Time.

It is never just one thing.

It is not the one-time personality test you will take.

It is not that one self-help workbook you labor through.

It is not going to be the webinar you consume.

It will be a combination of all those items coupled with your experiences, education, work, environment, culture, and the particular place you find yourself in life’s journey.

The list you write out of all the things you loved to do the most when you were 10 years old will provide a clue as to what your purpose maybe but the discovery is much more complex than that.

It will take an openness and self-awareness that is more than the stimulus of inputs we experience on a daily basis—the stimulus that has seemed to have deadened our passions over time.

Be patient with the process.

When one path opens, it leads to another, which leads to healing, which may then lead to opportunity, which may lead to a detour fraught with difficulty, which will lead to changes and adjustment, and then?

Onto another discovery.

A discovery about who we are, the relationships in our lives, and the world around us…and…how we fit in.

Discovery is not about a one time epiphany; it’s a series of revelations; a network of paths traveled that leads us to discovery.

It is never just one thing.

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<em>A Short Case for Not Condemning Before We have the Facts</em>

A Short Case for Not Condemning Before We have the Facts

We’ve all done it.

Make a snap decision about a person based upon nothing more than our own filters…

  • Filters deeply embedded into our little minds and hearts when we were growing up.
  • Filters that we allowed to take on throughout our education, or lack thereof.
  • Filters that we swapped out in our hearts when we decided to change what we believe in, our life experiences, and the relationships we allowed to get close with.


We all have filters, and those filters help us discriminate to what flavor of ice cream we like—if we even like ice cream.

But, humans are as complex mentally and emotionally (inwardly) as we are physically (outwardly).

By the time we encounter someone in the grocery store aisle or hear the news about them, a lot has gone on in that particular life.

I find it amazing that people can make such harsh judgments—myself included!—without doing any investigation into the facts, and base those assumptions merely on the filters that we peer through.

It really is an injustice to assume, criticize, and condemn without any facts whatsoever. Even if we think we have the facts we have to ask ourselves, “What has this person had to deal with today? What hard choices has she had to make that perhaps there were no answers to?”.

There’s a whole range of questions to ask. That’s what investigation is all about.

Asking questions from a place of curiosity and a desire of wanting to discover the truth about someone such that we lend some support to them instead of being another layer that destroys them.

But who’s got time for that?

Much easier to not spend the time to investigate. Simpler to criticize and harshly condemn than it is to provide a soft and caring word to someone.

And because we must be right all the time, the questions asked are rhetorical to prove how right we are.

I wonder, how stronger our relationships would be, how much less drama would be in our lives, and how more honest would we be with each other if we would take the time to listen and sincerely ask the right questions—from a place of genuine sincerity—before we cast a critical voice.

A true investigation, if we care, and not based solely on hearsay (fancy term for gossip).

Just something to ponder.

As always, thanks for reading!

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