Quite the Challenge

Quite the Challenge

A challenge can be different things to different people all based upon the tone and circumstance.

“I challenge you to a game of …” Clearly an invitation to a possible butt-whooping.

It could mean something in law where an attorney objects and challenges a procedure or a juror selection in court.

It could mean that the immune system was exposed to some sort of pathogenic…thingy—of which I have no clue what that means.

Then there’s the vertical or horizontal challenge whereby I’m too short or too round. That’s where I throw down the card of protest and blame that whole gravitational law thingy. But, the term is only a euphemism at that point.

Then there’s the challenge of a task or a situation that’s difficult, a test of sorts, straining, taxing, demanding, stretching, problematic, and I’ve just run out of synonyms.

Bottom line is, life changes are challenging.

Oh, and these Life Challenges?

Sure, we can make the decision to leap and bring on those challenges for ourselves.

Yet, at times, these challenges are forced upon us suddenly and without warning.

Other times, they’re not always clear at first.

They come on as a slow boil. Things begin to move deep within us that point you and I in a different direction. It may take weeks, months, even years, but there comes a point when you feel yourself dying daily, yearning for something that might appear to be just out of reach, and that feeling that if you don’t reach out and grab the destiny before you, you’ll wither and die where you’re at.


Recently, I have been faced with the challenge of writing about pages and personal bios for other resources on the internet. All aimed at informing people who and what I am in a concise manner.

One thing I have always struggled with over the course of this short and ephemeral life is who am I? I know, I probably shouldn’t admit it.

A recent challenge tossed on my plate was, why blog? This isn’t a new challenge; I’ve been asked this before.

But this challenge was different and much deeper. It was more than why I blog, but what’s my voice? What’s my message? Then another why, and then another why, until finally I hit the bottom and found out that that’s where I am.

Okay…so…what’s your message, and why? More specifically, who are you deep inside?

Same question came from different sources in a short period of time. It got me to thinking.

I’ve always believed that He who knows why, will always have dominion over he who knows how.

I can teach an animal to do tricks upon command, but why? Why do them at all? Just because someone else gives you a treat?

Then I have to ask, Why am I stuck in someone else’s cage?!

Anyways, I digress…


Sifting through the layers.

This is by far the most difficult task in which you and I have to, must, and need to do when it comes to figuring out who we truly are.

We have layers upon layers heaped upon us from the time we come out of the womb.

We’re told what to believe, how to practice that belief, who to vote for, and in what political camp we should reside.

We’re told what we should study in school, and what school to attend; where we should live; what job someone else thinks we should have, or do, based upon what someone, or some test, says we should.

We go to work and we’re blasted all day long with what we should do, or how to do it. Never mind we probably work for a boss that is afraid of his or her own shadow and has no stomach for our input on how to better the program.

We come home and hopefully your home is a place of refuge, as it should be. But…

What if home isn’t a place of refuge? You walk through the door at the end of a long day and it’s nothing more than another battle zone, and in order to survive you have to revert to apathy just to get through another evening without creating too many explosions along the way.

Then, get up in the morning and never realize how beautiful the sunrise is because we’re so exhausted from our lives being trapped in layers.

Layers of someone else’s expectations; thick and heavy and suffocating. That makes it hard to do the work of finding out who we really are.

It’s difficult to peel those layers off to find what we truly believe in. How we truly want to be. What path we truly want to place our feet upon.


I’m still working it out.

I haven’t perfected this reinvention thing and am still in the throngs of change.

But, isn’t that the beauty of it all? The process?

It’s the birthing of something new that is exciting and lovely and scary all at the same time!

So I don’t want to be a hypocrite, a parrot, or another voice heaping another layer on you that you don’t need.

I hate being a hypocrite. It’s no fun. The masks are sweaty and gross and not something I want to wear any longer.

The challenge I leave you with is something I myself have done, and still do. It’s a challenge that I whole heartedly believe in.

Change is inevitable. You can NOT avoid change.

To strip the layers off and to finally stand on a foundation that no one else can rip out from under you is refreshing. It’s empowering. It’s motivating…to see through any challenge you face.

So, your challenge is this…

Who are you really? What is your why? What is your message?

– Love

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