A Quick Thought on Complacency

A Quick Thought on Complacency

It’s easy to be lulled asleep in the ruts we find ourselves.

At first, an exciting path is discovered; then new things are learned and experienced—whether it’s love or work or hobby or place.

Then as the pathway is trodden, it becomes a worn, narrow groove.

As it wears away, the trail seems to be free of debris, free of things that stub our toes, and for the most part, it is free of confusing cross paths.

The path well trodden is a place that can be navigated with eyes shut; some consider it safe.

Is that a good place?

I suppose, maybe for some.

The problem with complacency is that it becomes an unconscious competency.

We are no longer aware of the surroundings of what is near the path, or what lies ahead; no longer concerned with the dangers around; no longer learning about our partners, careers, hobbies, and places. We settle into a mode of operating that creates a staleness in our lives, and what used to be fresh water rushing over our souls can turn into foul water that begins to choke life, excitement, and passion.

I wonder…

If we could master our fears and step off the well-worn path more often, wiggle out of the corral now and then, and begin to walk through dense vegetation, pathless areas, and simply just change things up…

Of course, this requires re-evaluating priorities, adjusting schedules, and maybe turning off devices.

Yet, I bet if we do, we’ll learn much about our loved ones (and might even appreciate and honor them), and discover a career path the truly resonates with us, and find our passions…again.

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.
<em>A Short Look at a Long Race</em>

A Short Look at a Long Race

Day 10.

Tenth article in a row, out of an eight-week challenge to write one every day.

Tired. Hit a wall this morning for sure.

I have so many ideas but squeezing them out of the brain-housing group and onto the page is a bit tougher this morning than the last week.

I actually wrote a piece this morning that took most of my time but decided to bleed here a lil instead. The first piece just isn’t flowing like it is between my ears so I figured I’d write this for now.

If you take anything away from this short, disjointed article today, it’s this…

Starting the race is always fun. It’s exciting. People, or person, or maybe just yourself, is cheering you on as you blast from the starting blocks.

Then reality sets in and the work takes effort and pain and sweat and commitment, and I think I might be in tears soon.

But, there’s a finish line ahead, and that’s what counts. Right?

And…at the end of today, we’ve put one foot in the front of the other and kept going.

Photo by mauro paillex on Unsplash

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.