Hard Part of Leading

The hardest part of leading?

You stand out.

You stand out from the pack.

From those in your peer group.

From those who hold no rank, title, or position at all, but have decided to lead themselves and hold themselves accountable to something higher than the organizational culture they find themselves swimming against—think of your subordinates.

From supervisors who are hemmed in by their own fears; known only for their emotional bullying of subordinates, and everyone knows that they get nothing accomplished but for shuffling papers from point A to point B.


Conspicuousness…it means to stand out so as to be clearly visible.

Most fear Conspicuousness to the point that they won’t speak up, or stand up. Too worried, afraid, and intimidated by what the boss might think, or the popular opinion might say about them.

Leading those around you, first, starts with leading yourself.

We can parrot with, “lead with dignity and respect, with a smile,” and yet, that’s the very thing you must do with yourself.

Leading yourself through the dark corridor of the initial onslaught of fear when you’re about to make a decision to speak up and stand up for what you believe when you know everyone is going to give you the look.

To lead yourself with care over the threshold of a decision that not many are willing to make.

There’s been much said about leadership for many years.

There’s been much said about reinvention for many years.

All that talk—whether in the form of official leadership training or a blog about reinvention—amounts to empty words, unless applied to in a daily practice of life.

When that happens, real leadership takes form, and real change takes place.

Dare to be Conspicuous.

Photo by salvatore ventura on Unsplash

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.