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Lesson Learned from the Devil?

In the beginning…

Adam blamed Eve.

Then, he blamed God for Eve being around.

Eve blamed the snake.

The snake said nothing and eventually took responsibility for the whole mess!


Lesson learned?

Not really.


Blaming, finger-pointing, harsh words of condemnation, eye rolling, and excuses run deep in us. Seems to be the common thread in all of us…

We blame God.

We blame the devil.

We blame our parents.

We blame our spouses, friends, ex’s, and whoever else that pops up on the radar.

Live long enough and have the fortunate experience of having children, you’ll blame them for lack of sanity, lack of money, and lack of food in the refrigerator.

We blame that horrible boss, the evil co-workers, and the lousy mundane job.

We blame that certain teacher as to why we can’t read, write, add, subtract, or that we’re just not smart enough.

We blame old age.

And we will even put the blame on luck…”I’m not lucky enough,” OR, “I always get the short end of the straw, stick, and get stiffed.”


As with most blaming, it’s rooted in fear.

Fear of what others think of us.

Fear of our weaknesses being exposed.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of our decisions, or lack thereof, in the past; and fear of an uncertain tomorrow…which all seems to steal our energy from living in the now.

And for myself, fear has always led me down a path of excuse making, blaming, and ultimately deception, living untrue with myself and with others around me.

Fear is the number one reason why, when all the excuses are wiped away, I remained in bad relationships, bad jobs, bad everything…corralled. Corralled and not able to breathe or move, to just get through another day with anger, bitterness, gravel swirling around in my gut, and poison in my veins.


No matter the who, I try to learn from others what to do, and what not to do. I found it that makes for an easier life; I’ve made plenty of blunders in life, I’d rather not have to make all of them.

Why should I make the same mistake with the same consequences as others who’ve gone before me?

I found a far more successful and peaceful way of being…stop making excuses, stop finger-pointing, stop blaming everyone and everything else for where and why I am, and start taking responsibility for my own life.

When I live intentionally, I don’t have time to blame others.

When I focus on improving the shortcomings in my OWN life, I don’t have time to make excuses.

When I spend a few moments every morning being thankful and grateful for life, doing the hard work of loving myself and taking care of myself now, I realize that there isn’t enough time in life to waste it on blaming and excuse making.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.