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Orientating Ourselves in the Morning to Help Set the Course of the Day

The first few words that you utter in the morning can make or break your whole day.

The fog which settled in for the night can be quite the force to struggle against the moment our eyes pop open; it can be so disorientating, especially if you had a rude awakening…

The alarm went off seemingly way too early (like it usually does), pets or kids are vying for attention before said alarm; an uneasy night sleep, dream after dream after dream that seems to keep us up at night; or an evening filled with, well, a full bladder that needs to be relieved every 30 minutes.

Of course, there are nights that all goes well, and sleep came soundly, and all is refreshed by the time the alarm sounds.

Either way, we all have to come back to life and open the eyes after our slumber, and the mental process begins to churn.

Instead of the negative blast spoken before the bathroom is reached in the morning, try a few different words that are a bit more upbeat such as…

What a beautiful day


I love myself


This day is going to be epic


I’m grateful I’m alive


What a glorious morning

Changing your default setting in the morning isn’t easy and may require a sticky note on the bathroom mirror as a reminder to speak a good word to yourself in the morning.

Yet, those few precious words, good or bad, positive or negative, can have such an impact on how we process the rest of the day that lays before us.

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Posted by Christian Martin Jr.