Re-appreciating the Small Things

I went for a short walk this morning.

Snow fluttered from low lying clouds. Small flakes. Slowly tumbling this way and that.

A carpet of white rested on all things. Not deep, but just enough to cover everything. Not even a small patch of pavement appeared in the street; a white velvety blanket everywhere.

Wow, I thought as I flicked at the snow before me with the toe of my boots.

Then I stopped.

Quiet, no one around. I was the only one on earth that was walking through this virgin snow. Not even an animal had sauntered by yet.

It was peaceful.

I wondered at how this used to excite me when I was a kid.

For some reason, new snow, softly falling from the heavens, just made me happy when I was a child.

Now, after a life lived—hopefully there’s more to come—a life where I’ve lost hope, regained hope; lost faith, regained faith…and in the process, turned apathy on like it was some sort of a light switch to survive and get through the day.

I couldn’t help but think about how I’ve taken for granted the things that used to make me feel alive.

Small things that used to supercharge me that as I’ve gotten older, I don’t think much about.

I wonder if we’re so busy being busy that we’re too busy to stop and appreciate the things that used to make us feel alive.

  • Watching the clouds change shapes.
  • Laughing at my dog chase his tail and then barking at me when I’d make fun of him.
  • Enjoying a comic book and reading the funnies in the paper.
  • Smelling a freshly mowed yard, that after playing in, the green stains never seemed to leave my jeans no matter how much mom would wash them.

There are times I wonder as to what does excite me, and what the heck I am passionate about these days.


Happiness, peace, life, and joy…all falls squarely on my shoulders.

I can choose how I view things. I am responsible if I remain stuck or not. I hold the keys to whether I continue to operate in a state of apathy where everything is numb, trudging through each day without any feeling of life inside.

Of course, this isn’t meant for any one person, nor is it directed at any sole situation.

I recently heard, write like no one is reading. This is for me more than anyone else, but perhaps it’ll make you think.


A deep breath, a sigh, and a thought of how a subtle shift in thinking and viewing the storyline in my head can make a huge difference.

Alone in the street, I smiled and thanked God for being alive. It’s a new day. Fresh start. A clean slate.

I’m responsible for my own happiness, joy, and peace. No one else. And no one can take that from me.

Breathing in the new morning, I continued on my walk thinking how a simple thing like fresh snow is exciting to me…again. I smiled the rest of the way home.

How much wear and tear, trouble and frustration, worry and anxiety, I could’ve saved myself if I would’ve realized this sooner in life.

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.