The Changes in Life are Like the Seasons Around Us

Autumn is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere.

The leaves have already gone through their color change, withered, and fallen. Over the past few weeks, it’s been pile after pile of leaves on lawns and in the streets.

It’s a beautiful time of year.

The heat of summer has finally subsided, the days are shorter, nights are chilly, and the morning is filled with a brisk foretelling of winter’s approach as frost covers the landscape.

This transition doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow, methodical, transformation that takes place over the course of several months.

Changes and transformations in our lives are pretty much the same way.

I realize our lives can, and do, change on a dime due to an unforeseen event, disaster, or circumstance that occurs in a moment, and we’re faced with life-altering situations.

But in reality, those times are rare and happen infrequently.

What we normally experience is akin to seasons around us.

And, when we want to change something in our lives, the slow process can be extremely frustrating. Especially if it’s a particular quality of life we’re aiming for…

Starting a business. Stopping a bad habit. Starting a workout routine to get fit. Stop eating unhealthy.

When we attempt to better our lives, the frustration comes when we think we should’ve crossed the threshold of a particular season and entered into a new, fresh way of being.

But like the unpredictable snow that may come in the middle of autumn, so there are setbacks in our season of change.

When this occurs, we feel like a failure, or worthless, or we’ll never be like so and so, or…whatever. We can be so hard on ourselves at times.

The key is this…

Stick with it. Stay the course. Life is a short, yes, but it takes a whole lot of time to live it.

If you’ve committed to a course of action to change, pursue a goal, or try something new, realize that there will be setbacks like the snows in autumn…and all that means is that it’s snowed when it probably shouldn’t have and NOT that you’re a failure.

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.