A mentor told me in my early 20’s, “You must fill your well if you expect to have anything to say that’s worthwhile.” His reference was to reading.

Reading a book is like taking the hand of an author; at which time, she leads you down a path. A path that turns, dips, and climbs; it weaves in and out of dense foliage; it takes you through dry desert places and returns you to lush forests; and sometimes surprises you with vast precipices that you awe at the depths.

You grab her hand and trust she’ll lead you safely and wonderfully through a landscape that she alone chooses…for you.

To trust such a guide is to allow our lives to be enriched, and that, no one on this planet can steal, barter, or diminish from you.

It’s a treasure gained. A treasure that you can reach for and use at anytime. A treasure that can change you forever.

Of course, at any time, we can always let go of the author’s hand, but we will never experience the journey. It’s a shame to miss out on the wondrous light of elves, the dark tunnels of orcs, or the luminous and breathtaking peaks of another world far away.

I lost many years being one who loathed to read. Now, though I am far from a fast, voracious, or prolific reader, I take the hands of many who have toiled to bring me new worlds, new visions, and new experiences.

Fill your well.

Fill it frequently.

Fill it daily.

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Christian Martin Jr.


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