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What Our Resources and Priorities Have in Common

Our time, energy, calendars, and money all have something in common.

They constitute our resources.

It can feel very rewarding and satisfying when our resources line up with who and what we are, not to mention the direction we’re traveling in.

It’s been said that if we look at the intersecting point of a person’s calendar and checkbook, it will reveal what that person’s true priorities are.

It matters not what we say, how we say It, or when we say we’re going to do It…all we need to do is look at how we allocate our resources.

— What we schedule on our calendar; or, what we allow to interrupt us.

— What we give our energy to throughout our day.

— How, where, and on what we spend our monies.

And at the end of the day…

— What, or to whom, we give our precious time to before going to bed.

All of this combined will show each of us what is important to us.

And, it will determine the trajectory of our lives.

We talk and boast about how “One day”…

We’ll start this or that business. We’ll get out of a suffocating job that does not resonate with us. Or we’ll change our domestic situation that is either stale and cold or maybe even emotionally or physically abusive.

There are a plethora of things we can do in our lives to make our lives better and to improve our trajectory for the long game.

Yet, in spite of all the clammer of change and reinventing our lives, do we really understand what it is that makes us tick?

Do we know what we spend our finite and precious resources on, every day, every night?

Or, do we unconsciously go about our day while life pulls and drags us along where it wants? Which will always leave us stuck, in a rut, unsatisfied, drained of our resources and asking in the end, “What am I doing?”.

The best strategies for change is to take stock of where and on what we spend our resources on—to take account where our energy is consumed, where our time is spent, what our calendar looks like, and what we give our money in exchange for.

Then make a conscious effort to align our resources, no matter our age, with what our true values are and where we want to end up in life.

Just something to think about.

Photo by Anthony Tori on Unsplash

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.