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What Will the Road Look Like When We Look Back

When at the end of life’s journey, and looking back…

Will we be filled with regret?

Will it be missed opportunities and false starts?

Will remorse fill the mind as vapor and fog fill a valley in the dead of winter?

Will it be the lack of luck or how unlucky we were that will fill our mouths and issue from our lips?


Will the end of our days be filled with awe.

Awed that we lived.

Awed that we loved.

Awed that we dared to swim against the stream.

Awed that even though things didn’t work out as planned, we didn’t remain stuck in a corral made by someone else’s expectations and decided to follow our dreams.

Awed that in spite of horrible personal failures, fake friends, unlucky circumstances, and the crushing reality that someone who once said they loved us only to have them turn their backs on us…that we were able to forgive others and ourselves and keep moving forward with a seed of hope that the next moment would be better.


Life has crazy twists. It can be beautiful and at the same time, a hard cold unforgivable teacher.

In each of us, we have the ability to process life any way we want to.

I had an older friend recently share with me some pretty crappy circumstances in his life. Things complicated by someone who once told him they loved him.

Yet, he smiled at me, even chuckled as he ended his story, and concluded that life is too short to hold onto a grudge, it wouldn’t matter anyway. Bottom line is, he had to take care of the shit that was piled up in front of him.

It cost him money, time, and energy to remove the shit pile.

He could have told me how he was going to get back at so-&-so, or how mad he still is, but he didn’t.

His smile was genuine. His countenance radiated with a joy of being able to let go, forgive, and after he “fixed the problem”, the solution was far better had he not been forced to deal with it.

He’s made mistakes. He’s blundered through life at times. Others have dealt horrible blows to him. Yet, he smiled and said, “Life is too short…”


Putting things in perspective really does help us sort through our shit piles to figure out what truly is important.

And the priorities we give ourselves to, internal and external, Will determine how we view our lives looking back on that fateful day…at the end.


As always, thank you for reading.

Photo by Matt Lamers

Posted by Christian Martin Jr.


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